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    In a world of secrets and rivalries, double agents were both a blessing and a curse. Tsukishima knew it from the very beginning, but he didn’t protest when Sugawara assigned him to this job. He was clever, more than a lot of people, and that’s probably why they were so easy to read for him. He knew there were risks, that being a lonely crow infiltrated in a pack of hyenas could be deadly, that being engaged in double dealing wasn’t easy and requested a constant vigilance, but that was also what made the job endearing. He was having fun fooling everybody.

« So, Tsukishima, how are The Nano doing ? »

« As you suspected, Tokyo called them to kill Hinata since our dear King of The Battlefield missed, » he grinned.

Kageyama and him never have been the best friends in the world. To be honest, his amazing talent to shoot no matter the distance, the angle, the weather or the target pissed him off. He was clever, but the weapons were not his cup of tea. Too gross and heavy. Manipulating people fitted him more.

« As I thought… Do you know who is going to do the job ? »

« Yes. Their leader chose the ninth strongest killer. »

« Ninth ? That’s not a really high rank. »

« That’s what I thought first, but I approached the girl and I have to say that… She’s pretty good at shooting people. »

« The girl ? The hitman is… a hitwoman ? »

« Yes. Shall I take care of her ? »

« No, not now, » Sugawara disagreed. « If we kill their number nine, they would likely sent their number eight to replace her and so on… Plus, I gave Hinata my two best bodyguards, we don’t have to worry. »

« If I may say a word… It would be a waste to not seize a chance to kill one of their top ten ranked killer. The Nano are dangerous after all… »

« I know… But don’t kill her until she moves, okay ? Wait until the very last moment. »

« Understood. »

Tsukishima gave him a respectful bow and turned his wheels, heading towards the door.

« Tsukishima, » Sugawara called. « What about their leader ? Did you learn anything ? »

Tsukishima’s brown eyes widened behind his glasses. He didn’t expect this question.

« I don’t see him that much, since he’s not my target… Do you want me to spy on him too ? »

« No, nevermind… Keep your eyes on the hitwoman. »

« As you wish, Boss. »


    Hinata’s flat was small but cosy, decorated nicely enough to not feel oppressive, and absolutely spotless. A fruity smell was filling the air, too light to be repulsive, and stills irrefutably present. Many photographs were adorning every single shelf and piece of furniture. Even the walls were covered with pictures of Natsu’s charming smile.

« You know… when you told me that you were going to protect me until my match against Tokyo, I didn’t understand it implied you two living here… » Shôyô bashfully said.

« Sorry about that, Hinata, » Tanaka grinned, embarrassed. « I know accommodating two strangers isn’t the funniest thing in the world, but it’s necessary to your protection. »

« O-Oh ! I didn’t mean it like that ! You’re not a nuisance or anything ! It’s just that my flat isn’t that big so… »

« Don’t mind, don’t mind ! » Nishinoya smiled and patted his shoulder affectingly. « Tanaka and I have known worse, right, Ryû ?! »

« Totally ! »

Hinata gave them his first sincere smile, and seemed to finally started to get used to their presence.

« You guys really are experts, aren’t you ? You do all that bodyguard-stuff so… casually. I’m a bit envious, I would be unable to protect somebody with my life, I’m too much of a coward for this… You surely have dozen of incredible stories to tell ! You’re cool ! »

The two bodyguards were now blushing like teenagers in the middle of their confession. They weren’t used to be told they were… cool ! The most recurrent terms were « idiots », « brainless » or « dumb and dumber ». Both of them proudly stuck out their chests and tried to look as ferocious as they could manage.

« Our job surely requests guts ! » Tanaka sputtered.

« Surely it’s not a job that can fit pussies ! We rock, Ryû ! »

« Noya-san ! »

« Ryû ! »

« Noya-san ! »

They both let go of their bags and suitcases and fell in each other’s arms, because even the manliest bodyguards needed to hug their bros sometimes. Carefully, Hinata seized his chance and discreetly slipped behind Nishinoya, judging him.

« That’s what I thought, » he said. « Nishinoya-san, you’re really shorter than me ! »

« The fuck you said ?! » the super tiny bodyguard shouted, grabbing the nearest thing to thrown directly in Shôyô’s face.

It proved to be one of Tanaka’s sacks, and it bounced on the floor as soon as Hinata dodged it, the leathered flap sliding and revealing a gun. The ginger-haired boy immediately froze, and his orbs never left the weapon as the tallest man put it back on his bag.

« Sorry, Ryû !! »

« Sorry about that. » Tanaka apologized, meeting Hinata’s petrified gaze.

The younger boy was obviously sweating, his back leaning against the wall, trying to be as far as possible from the gun as if it was going to bite him.

« Can I ask you something, Tanaka-san ? » he asked in a whisper.

« Go on. »

« Have you… Did you… already… k-kill someone ? »

Nishinoya’s eyebrows knitted together at this. He knew the answer too well, and he didn’t want his best friend to go through a whole bunch of questions.

« Hey, Hinata, don’t ask stuff like this ! » he snubbed.

« S-Sorry ! I just- »

« I did. » Tanaka suddenly blurted out, plunging the three of them in an icy silence. « I did once… A woman. I thought she was going to kill my protected but… she was just a decoy… The shooter was somewhere else… I… killed an innocent woman… » he ended in a shaky voice, his fists clenched so hard that his nails was digging into his palms.

« It wasn’t your fault, Ryû ! You did what you had to ! You couldn’t know that- »

« I should have ! » the poor Ryûnosuke shouted out. « If I had waited one more second… Maybe I would have seen that she was unarmed… Maybe I would have seen the real shooter… I… I shot without thinking twice and this is unforgivable… »

Nishinoya clicked his tongue, casting a glance at Hinata who was stiff against his wall, looking so sorry that the dark-haired Crow couldn’t brought himself to scold him again.

« We’re bodyguards, » Yuu said in a soft voice. « We protect people, we don’t kill them… But sometimes, the best defence is attack. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. »


    Your soles were slowly scratching against the concrete as you made your way down the street, finally stopping in front of a red door, briefly glancing at the sidewalk before ringing the bell.

« Her husband’s car isn’t parked… He probably already left for work. »

You rang the doorbell, waiting patiently until Elena opened to you, smiling happily at you.

« Hi there ! »

« Hey. What’s up ? »

You immediately regretted your question when she started to sing « I just had sex and it felt so good » at the top of her lungs.

« Why do you always make a point of embarrassing me ?! Why ?! » you groaned while trying to stuff her scarf down her throat to make her shut up.

« M’chorry, » she whined as she spat out her cloth. « But you’re gonna be happy, I’ve found some informations about Hinata Shôyô. »

« Already ? », you said with astonishment, taking off your shoes before going any further in her house.

Elena’s house was tidy and always had this delicate perfume of sweets and cake that you always found so soothing. She led you to the living room where were several scandalously too comfortable armchairs and you knew for sure that you would never be able to get your ass off of it if you ever sat down.

« The advantage of tracking a quite popular boy is that you can Google his name, » Elena told you as she let herself fall on her couch. « I found his biography and it was more than enough to start with… Oh, and apparently, a porn star has the same family name… The things I’ve seen… Seriously, I didn’t know a woman could do this with- »

« I don’t wanna know the object, animal or number of people you were about to finish your sentence with, is that clear ?! » you panicked. You sure were a sissy sometimes compared to Elena.

« But you consider the animal as a potential option on your own ! God, you really have issues, maybe I should tell Yuu to give you a deworming pill… »

« You’re NOT going to have a single word with my boyfriend unless I’m next to you with a knife under your throat to murder you if you ever dare to scare the shit out of him, do you get it ? »

« So protective… That’s cute ! »

You cleared you throat, trying to put up a front and not let the blush covering your cheeks spread any further.

« Anyway… What did you learn thanks to his biography ? »

« Well… The usual stuff like… His age, height and birthday… But there was also the name of his high school, were he started to be noticed. Karasuno High School. »

« Karasuno… It’s in this prefecture, isn’t it ? »

« Absolutely ! I asked Kenma to hack into their database and he found his former address for me, the address he lived at when he was still at his mom’s house. Once we located the mom, it was a piece of cake to hack her phone and access to all her directory. We found Hinata’s landline and with this, it was more than easy to locate his apartment. »

« Nice, Elena ! » you said enthusiastically. For once, she did her job seriously. « So, where is he ? »

« In another part of the town. It’s not too far away from the Gymnasium where the Tokyo and Miyagi’s match will take place, I think I already know the road he’ll choose that day. There’s a high building right in front of the Gymnasium, you’ll have no problem to hide here and shoot. You’re pretty good at shooting from a high angle shot, right ? »

« My speciality. » You smiled. « But… what do we do until then ? »

« We wait ! Big-Boss’s orders, no unnecessary moves. »

« I see… »

You were a little concerned by this. You were used to check on your future target before shooting it, but you also understood Daichi’s point of view. It would be too risked to hang around Hinata’s place and be spotted.
Seeing you doubtful, Elena quickly found something to distract you.

« Hey ! Tell me how you first met Yuu ! » she suddenly asked.

You blinked few times at this, not expecting this question in the middle of a mission’s organisation.

« I-I already told you this story… »

« I know, but I wanna hear it again ! It’s so… movie-like ! »

You sighed deeply at that. Your first encountering with Nishinoya was everything but romantic and « movie-like », like she said.
Scavengers - Chapter 8

SUMMARY : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.
    When the sun raised the morning after, the scene it bathed with its light was nothing but unusual. Nishinoya was lying on his back, spreadeagled all over your mattress, the sheet barely covering the lower part of his body. You were curled up right next to him, lying on your side, arms against your chest and legs tucked up. Nishinoya was the first to awake, his eyes slowly opening and yet unable to catch the sunlight, as if something was blocking his view. The feeling of material covering his face intrigued him since he never slept with a sleep mask, and he clumsily caught the fabric, grinning as he recognized the soft touch of your laced bra.

« God, what a night, » he smiled as he passed one strap over the pulp on his thumb, the other hand pulling on the second strap while he aimed as if he was holding a sling-shot. The second after, the lingerie was flying across the room.

Shifting on the mattress, you mumbled something in your sleep and licked your dried lips, catching Nishinoya’s attention. He slowly crawled to you, one hand moving a strand of hair aside from your face and tucking it behind your ear.

« Wake up, » he murmured, kissing your cheek.

You lazily opened an eye and wriggled on the mattress until your were cuddling against his chest.

« Well, aren’t you needy this morning. » Nishinoya teased as he wrapped one arm around your waist and kissed the tip of your nose. « I have got to go soon. »

« Noooo, » you whined in a hoarse voice as you rolled on your back, your hands now rubbing on your face as you tried your best to fully wake up.

Nishinoya told you that he wouldn’t be here you for the next two weeks because of his job. If in his mind, you were working in a laboratory, in yours, he was a professional photographer, and no one of you ever doubted each other. Both of your covers were credible, thanks to Kenma and Asahi, who were doing the same job, but for two different organisation.

« My flight is in two hours and the airport isn’t nearby… » Nishinoya told you.

It was a lie, of course. He was going to stay here, in this town, but from now, he and Tanaka will live with Hinata for the next two weeks to protect him. In your mind, however, what was supposed to be a business trip came along at just the right time. You and Elena were going to be busy for the next two weeks since you had to find where your target lived and the right spot to shoot him down.

The fact that you were going to shoot the man that Yuu was now protecting with his life, however, was unknown to both of you.

« Remind me where you’re going ? » you mumbled.

« Germany. »

He answered without an hesitation, and his suitcase was waiting for him next your door. He never left anything to chance, because even if he was willing to tell you the truth about him, he was even more scared that you would discover it yourself. He loved you, and you deserved to be told about it with all the caution it required. He didn’t want you to learn what he really was by chance, it had to come from him. He would never forgive himself if he ever hurt you.

He wanted to tell you from the very beginning. He really did. He wanted to tell you immediately, but he knew that he had to be careful. He didn’t want you to live in fear and stress every time he left you behind, fearing for his life and maybe your own. And he was scared. Scared that you would reject him. Scared that you would never forgive him. He knew that the longer he waited, the harder it was going for you to accept it, and still, no matter how loud his heart was screaming and craving to be freed from his lies, his mouth never moved.

« I’ll miss you, » you murmured, giving him a quick kiss.

« I’ll miss you too, » he answered absently, hugging you tighter.

This mission was the last. After this, he will tell you. He definitely will.


    Nishinoya left you almost one hour ago, and you had decided that even if the weather was cloudy, it wasn’t windy enough to keep you from enjoying a breakfast outside. Sitting at a table on the coffee’s terrace, you had momentarily pushed your cake and coffee aside, staring intensely at the photographs under your eyes. The pictures of this unknown bullet was haunting you for months now, and yet your were unable to find who shot it. You had a wide knowledge about almost all the firearms that could be found here and in Russia, but this bullet… this bullet was nothing you knew.

« I really don’t know why you come here for the breakfast… Their strawberry shortcake tastes awful, » a monotonous voice suddenly said.

You nearly had a heart attack, and when you turned your head around, all you could see was Tsukishima standing on your right next your chair, peacefully eating the piece of cake you left.

« H-Hey ! Don’t eat that ! That’s mine ! »

« Honestly, I’m doing you a favour. »

« Because it tastes awful ? Or are you going to make a joke on my weight or something like this ? »

« Both. » He grinned, eating the last bit of your cake. « What are you working on ? », he asked, glancing at the photographs.

« Nothing that concerns you. »

« As bitter as usual… I thought you were on a mission for the next two weeks ? »

« And how the hell do you know that ? »

« Well, it’s not like I listen to other people’s conversations, you know… It’s more like my ears are a little too effective despite my sheer will to respect everybody’s private life. Aren’t you, by any chance… the one in charge of killing Hinata Shôyô ? »

You suddenly closed the folder holding your photographs and other documents, slamming the palm of your hand on the table as you looked at the tall blond man with wide eyes.

« How do you know that ?! »

« I didn’t, you just confirmed it… Well, I’ve gotta go. Try to not eat too much cake ! »

And so left he, his gait elegant as usual as the wind gently stroked his short blond lock. Seriously… You’ll never understand this guy and his surprising ability to always appear in your back. You couldn’t trust him, even if he never did anything to you expect saying those sassy remarks. Maybe was it because, contrary to all of you, he hadn’t be raised in Russia but recruited here -and he was the only one Daichi ever made an exception for, usually it was the main gang in Russia who chose and sent you the new members- and still, you just couldn’t befriend him. He got a twisted personality.

« I still don’t know why you persist in coming here for breakfast… Their coffee tastes like shit. »

The heart attack came from the left this time, and while you were busy following Tsukishima’s profile, Kuroo had taken his chance to sit next to you and was now drinking your coffee.

« Don’t touch that, Tetsurô ! It’s mine ! »

« Sharing is caring, » he smiled. « So, having troubles with blondie ? »

« Not really… I’m used to deal with annoyance since Oikawa, you know. I just wish Tsukishima could have kind of a… « personal Iwaizumi » to kick his ass sometimes. »

« Weirdly it seems like he got along with the freckled-face working with Kenma… What’s his name already… »

« Yamaguchi ? »

« Yeah, this one. Who knows, maybe it’ll sooth Tsukishima’s bitterness… I don’t trust this guy. » Kuroo said bluntly.

« And yet you two are disgustingly similar, I hope you do know that. »

« If you want to insult me, I would rather be called… « dickbreath » or « asshole », or anything, really, but don’t compare me to him. »

« As you wish… Dickbreath. »

« It’s not a reason to make a habit out of it, okay ? What were you working on ? » he asked, glancing at your folder.

You slowly opened it again, showing him the bullet’s photographs like a kid showed his father his disastrous maths test.

« This shit again. » He grimaced.

« I want to find him. »

« It’s been months and she survived. » Kuroo sighed, letting his chin rest on his crossed arms.

« I don’t care. I want to find the bastard who shot Elena down and this bullet is my only lead. »

« The bullet that was in her throat, huh ? »

« Yeah… All happened so quickly, she doesn’t even remember her shooter’s face… But I do. I saw him through my sights… If I can find which gang uses this kind of bullets, surely I can… »

« Find who shot your friend down. I get it, I get it. » Kuroo sighed, one hand ruffling his hair and making it even messier. « You know, in our job, people kill each other everyday… You should let it go, being obsessed with this man won’t bring you anything but insomnias and nightmares. And Elena survived, this is the most important. »

« No, I just… Our cover has been blown, I want to know how and why. »

« Like if I were going to believe this. You don’t give a shit about the cover, you’re just a fucking revengeful bad girl, » he laughed, now ruffling your own hair affectingly.

« You disobeyed Big-Boss to rescue us, » you said, pushing his hand aside. « You care about this affair too. »

« I care about you two being alive. Everything else is secondary. »

He brought his hand back in your hair and ruffled it even harder, and you nearly had to bite him to make him stop.
Elena and you had grown up among other future spies and killers, but from all the friends you had, only Kuroo had been sent in Japan with you. He was like a big brother to you, and Elena and him were the only family you ever needed. However, since his abilities were far beyond yours, you almost didn’t saw him anymore. He was The Extractor, after all, and Daichi always kept him away from the usual missions, only sending him when the situation was desperate. Well, not always, though…

« Don’t you have some job to do ? » you asked him, scooping your cup of coffee from his hands before he drank it all.

« I do, » he sighed. « I just wanted to warn you. »

« About Tsukishima ? »

« Yeah… I’ve got a good instinct, and this guy isn’t clean, trust me… Warn Elena for me, ‘kay baby ? »


    Scrutinizing the pictures on his laptop, Sugawara intertwined his fingers in front of his impassive face and sighed heavily, his breath ghosting over his hand.

« The Nano… No Allies No Opponents… A nameless gang not so nameless after all, and also our main rival… But if we’re crows, they’re undoubtedly hyenas… I guess it’s impossible for two scavengers to live in the same territory… Daichi… I really wonder what you’re up to now… » he thought for himself.

Three firm knocks on his door brought him back to reality, and he put up a front before speaking.

« Come in ! »

The door slowly opened on a tall man, and a smile appeared on Sugawara’s delicate face.

« Ah ! Here’s my favourite report of the day ! Tell me what you learned, Tsukishima. »
Scavengers - Chapter 7

SUMMARY : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.
Chapter 6.

Tanaka and Nishinoya weren’t exactly pleased at the idea of being alone with their boss in his office after what they seen. Not that their superior was cruel or disturbed, but he was… oddly intimating despite his charming smile. An iron fist in a velvet glove.

The Crows’ leader was honestly not as impressive as Daichi. Daichi was a tall and broad man, with dark piercing eyes and a low voice whose every single vocal cord was more charged in testosterone than Asahi’s full body. But The Crows’ head wasn’t anything like this. He was thin and blessed with a pale skin many women were probably envious of, his eyes were clear and gentle, framed by soft locks. A mole was bedecking the left one.

Still, even with such an angelic face, Sugawara Kôshi had nothing of an heaven’s envoy.  

« So, your contract for the protection of Hinata Shôyô starts tomorrow, right ? How did your first interview went ? »

« Well… As I told Ryû, Hinata’s scared shitless. » Nishinoya bluntly said.

«We think that he might have been already targeted before. » Tanaka continued.

Sugawara’s eyes darkened.

« Damn… I thought he would be too shaken to speak about it, but you two are sometimes surprisingly smarter than I expect. Indeed, he has been targeted before, and I guess that I have no other choice than telling you the truth now… » the Crows’ head sighed.

It didn’t take long for the two buddies to piece things together. Hinata who was already being targeted, Kageyama yelling that he didn’t miss, that somebody intervened… No way…

« Were we… » Tanaka mumbled. « Were we the ones who were supposed to kill him ? »

« Kageyama was. » Sugawara answered without batting an eyelid. « I thought it would have been better if you didn’t notice anything because I didn’t wanted you to understand that Kageyama was implied. I don’t want any internal fight. Leave him alone, get it ? »

« Wait a minute ! » Nishinoya yelled. « You’re telling us that we have to protect the boy that Kageyama should have killed ?! This is absurd ! »

« It’s not. We were first commissioned to have this boy shot down for a fairy good price, but since Kageyama failed, we can say goodbye to our payment. However, his faux pas surprisingly turned in our favour. After this accident, his coach, Mister Ukai, contacted me and asked me to send my two best bodyguards to protect Hinata, without knowing that I also was the one who sent the hitman that missed him. Ironic, isn’t it ? »

« So… Two different people called the same organisation, for the same boy, one to have him dead and the other to keep him alive ? » Tanaka resumed with wide eyes, unable to believe such a thing.

« It sounds like a bad movie’s plot. » Nishinoya grinned.

« I agree on this. » Sugawara winked. « I don’t think that Hinata and his coach would like the idea that the two men guarding his back are the co-workers of the one who nearly lodged a bullet between his eyes, so I want you to act like if you didn’t know anything. You’re going to guard him until his team’s match against Tokyo in two weeks. »

« Yes, Sir ! » the two of them roared fiercely.

« And also… Keep an eye on Kageyama. He doesn’t admit his failure and I suspect him to be willing to kill Hinata for free, just to say that he did the job. I forbade him to do anything, but you know how bad-tempered he is… »

« I thought we weren’t suppose to hurt him or anything ? » Tanaka mumbled.

« Don’t kill him and don’t initiate anything against him. Just take him down. He’s maybe an impulsive idiot, but he stills my best hitman. »

« But what if Kageyama told you the truth ? » Nishinoya suddenly said. « What if somebody really knew about his operation and intervened ? »

« Seeing the immeasurable payment we were supposed to get from Hinata’s death, I told nobody except him about it. And even if Kageyama is bad-tempered, I have to say that one his qualities apart his shoots is that he’s quiet as a grave… The only ones who knew about this were him and me. He couldn’t have been possibly betrayed. And making sure to not let anybody interfere in his missions is one of his responsibilities, so I consider that it’s his own fault if he missed. »

What seemed to be a rather banal mission for the two best bodyguards among The Crows was finally more complicated than expected. If somebody was really ready to pay such an amount of money to have Hinata dead, then they would surely don’t hesitate to contact another organisation to have the job done. They’ll have to be really careful, especially if Tobio and his incredibly misplaced ego interfered in.

« Well, I hope you’re ready for two weeks of hell. » Tanaka joked as Nishinoya and him went outside the large building.

« Then you better enjoy your last evening of freedom and insouciance, Ryû ! » Nishinoya replied and started to jog.

« Hey ! Where are you going ?! »

« It’s just like I said ! Enjoying my last evening too ! »

« Ha ! I see, you lucky boy… Kiss her for me ! »

« You wish ! »


Humming happily on his way to your flat, Nishinoya was smiling like an idiot who just learned he won his weight in Gari-Gari-Kun, and despite the few years that were now separating him from high school, his sweet tooth never left him. Jumping on your doormat where the usual « welcome » was replaced by a most uncommon « fuck off », he knocked on your wooden door and waited, a suitcase’s handle in his hand.

« Yes ? » you answered on the other side.

« Hello ! The-Hottest-Man-On-Earth has arrived just for you, you lucky girl ! »

« Ah, sorry, I can’t let you in, I’m expecting my boyfriend and he would get jealous. » You deadpanned.

Nishinoya laughed at this, but his smile soon faded when he understood that you were really not opening the door.

« H-Hey !!! Are you for real ?! It’s me ! It’s Yuu ! »

« Is it me or is it you ? Make up your mind. »

« Did you just make fun of my first name ?! Come on, open the doooor ! » he bayed.

« Sorry, Mister-Hottest-Man-On-Earth, but as I already told you, I’m taken. »

Nishinoya stayed miraculously silent for few seconds before pronouncing the magical words.

« I’ve bought you chocolates. »

Instantaneously, the door flied open and you appeared in font of the brunette with wide open arms and your brightest smile.

« Welcome home ! »

« Hypocrite, » he smiled, entering your house and letting his suitcase crush on the floor near the door before taking you in his arms and kissing your lips softly.

« I may be an hypocrite, but you’re a liar. I don’t see a single chocolate. »

« Oops, guess we’re a matched pair. »

Your own arms soon locked around his neck, your body taking a step forward to press itself against his. Nishinoya let a soft moan escape his throat as his tongue tease your lower lip, silently pleading for a deeper kiss that you eagerly gave him.

« Smells nice, » he murmured while burying his face into the crook of your neck.

« Thanks, I know you love this perfume so- »

« I was talking about what’s cooking in your oven. Is it lasagne ? »

You glared at him silently, trying your best to not knock him out with an iron.

« Homemade lasagne, » you rectified with the same voice as if you were telling him he had only two seconds left to live.

« Homemade… » he parroted with the same tone. « Shall I call the poison control centre now or… ? »

« You asshat ! » you screamed with a deep blush covering you cheeks, both from the embarrassment and anger.

It was true that you weren’t a chef, and it was also true that Elena already suggested to use your dishes as lethal weapons. But still !

« You won’t die eating those homemade lasagne ! And do you know why ?! »

« Because even if they’re « homemade » doesn’t mean they’ve been made at YOUR home ? »

« Yeah… » you pouted, disappointed that he understood your incoming joke so easily.

« Elena cooked it for you again, right ? It’s crazy ! I‘ve already eaten like… dozen of her dishes but I still never met her ! »

For some obvious reasons, neither of you introduced each other to your friends yet. Too scared to make a faux pas, or that the ones who were your friends and co-workers let something slip.

« Her husband, to be exact… And that’s NOT funny, Yuu, » you groaned as he giggled like an idiot.

« Oh come on, don’t be like that, » he cooed when he realized that you were pouting, rocking you against his chest to be forgiven.

Since you didn’t react, he slowly brought his mouth on your skin, sucking on your neck just hard enough to make you shiver, but too lightly to leave a mark.

« Hey, stop it, you promised to wait after dinner. » You sadistically reminded him when his hand slipped under your t-shirt and started to fiddle with the hook of your bra.

« Oh honey, you’re such a pervert ! I was just checking if it was correctly hooked ! »

« Oh, my bad. So, is it ? »

« Yep. Totally hooked, but… Was it lace that I felt under my fingers ? »

« Oh please, it’s not just lace, it’s… » you started in low voice, trailing your lips near his ear, « transparent lace. »

You felt him shiver against you at this, his fingers nervously clasping at your hips.

« Did you, by any chance… put the black transparent laced bra on ? The one with the red ribbons ? »

« You mean this one ? » you playfully asked, sliding one thumb under you strap and slightly pulling it out of your collar so it was displayed to Nishinoya’s eyes.

His golden orbs glittered and you clearly heard him sucked in a sharp breath. His fingers flexed on your hips once more and slowly made their way behind your back before sliding past your belt.

« Lemme guess… Checking that I’m wearing the panties matching the bra, right ? »

« I know it’s important for you girls to have matching underwear and since I care a lot about your well-being… »

« Wow, ain’t I lucky to have such an attentive boyfriend… However, » you sharply caught his hands that were now greedily cupping your cheeks. « Mister-Attentive-Boyfriend will have to wait after dinner as he promised. »

Nishinoya’s eyes darkened at this, and you weren’t exactly sure if it was because of arousing or irritation.

« Please tell me there isn’t dessert or I’m gonna implode, » he begged.

« There is. »

« Damn it ! »

« I bought you Gari-Gari-Kun. Soda flavoured. »

The light that had deserted his eyes was back now, and even more glittering than before. At the moment, you didn’t know if you should congratulate yourself for knowing his tastes by heart, or be worried that apparently, ice-creams could totally outshine your sex-appeal.
Completely stiff in front of you, Nishinoya started to drool, his eyes shining like two brown suns, but in the same time totally empty. He crashed.

« Hey, are you there ? » you asked, snapping your fingers in front of his face to bring him back.

« S-Sorry… My mind just sent me pictures including in the same time your lace and ice-creams and it was too much for me… »

You raised an eyebrow at this.

« Yuu, I don’t know how far your imagination can go and I don’t think I want to know, but let me tell you this : I’m never allowing you to use ice-creams as sextoys on me. »

« Well… I wasn’t thinking about a threesome with a Mister Freeze, but it sure can be useful for the foreplays… Like… Me trailing a frozen popsicle against the warm skin of your neck and breasts and then licking it… » he slowly articulate, his lips just few millimetres away from yours.

« This is, » you breathed against his mouth, « definitely not unappealing… »

« Heh. » He laughed and took a step backwards, kinda frustrating you. « You really thought I would want to use a Gari-Gari-Kun as a sextoy ? It will never work, you’re so hot that it would be melted by the time it would even be close to you, I will only have the stick left. »

« Would you mind if I tell an horrible joke implying the girth of the popsicle’s stick and your own ? »

« Me ? A stick ?! Honey please, I’m at least an ice-cream cone ! »

« With two vanilla flavoured scoops. My favourite. » You grinned.

« You’re just as twisted as me. I love it. » He said with a moved voice, kissing you quickly. « And do you know what kind of ice-cream you are ? An ice Magnum. Because you have to lick the whole coating to get to the creamy part. »

« Nice one, Yuu. » You smiled cheekily.

His hands were still on your back, massaging your shoulders and brushing your sides as he kissed you deeply. Your own fingers flied to his hair, lovingly tangling in the dark locks, messing them and stroking them before moving to his cheeks that you delicately caressed.

« Honey, » Nishinoya finally murmured.

« Yes ? »

« There is a burning smell… »

« Holy shit !!! »

Chapter 6 by Isram
Chapter 5.

You couldn’t sleep that night. Even if your eyes were closed and your body comfortably tucked under your sheets, even if you were technically currently sleeping, all the energy you were supposed to be recovering was immediately spent in the sharp moves punctuating your night. Clasping hands, grinding teeth, frowned eyebrows and dried throat, your nightmare was being stronger than you.
But contrary to the fantasies usually created by your brain to keep himself entertained while your body recharged its batteries, the pictures showed on the screen of your closed eyelids were painfully familiar.

It wasn’t a nightmare. It was a memory.

The sun was disappearing slowly behind the buildings as the first snowflakes of the winter caressed your cheek. The sky was painted in pinkish and violet tones, illuminated by an orange sun, and the clouds were dragged along in thinned out cottoned balls.
However, you were impervious to the beauty of this landscape, even if you had the best view of all the town from the roof where you were. You let an irritated sound escape your lips as you readjusted your position for the umpteenth time, shutting your left eye even tighter, trying to aim in vain.

« Tch, it won’t do. » You murmured to yourself, letting your rifle with telescopic sight slide along your shoulder. One of your hands flicked to your ear, activating your earpiece and micro while the other grabbed the binoculars hanging around your neck. « Elena, it won’t work. You’ll have to drag the target outside, this reception hall is too crowded, I can’t aim properly… »

Through your binoculars, you saw Elena taking few steps backwards and strategically taking a glass of champagne, faking to drink it so the goblet would hide her moving lips as she answered.

« Too many people ? »

« Yeah. I can’t be sure at hundred percents to not wound anybody else than the target if I shoot while he’s inside. »

« Those daddy’s boys aren’t night owls, the room should empty soon. »

« It’s already getting pretty late, the night will be upon us in less than a hour and I’m not Iwaizumi, I can’t shoot in dark. »

« Damn it… Understood, follow me through your gun sights, I’ll find something to make him go outside. »

You quickly dropped the binoculars and took back your rifle, looking intensely at Elena and the man behind her. She was smiling and charming, and he didn’t even think twice before happily following her outside the building.

« Men are such stupid creatures… Can’t resist a cute girl. » You smirked.

Your finger found its place on the trigger, impatient. Elena was innocently taking few steps backwards while chatting with the guy, letting a reasonable distance between her and the spot your bullet would hit. You focused all your attention on the small black cross printed on your sights’ lens, meticulously placing its centre on the man’s forehead. The pressure of your index increased slowly, and a shooting sound soon reach your ears, followed by a scream.

The bullet, however, was still in your cannon.

« ELENA !!! »

You nervously moved your rifle from the left to the right, trying to understand when the reality of the situation suddenly seized your heart.

Elena had been shot down.

The man who was supposed to be lying down instead of her was still steady on his feet as another suddenly entered your field of vision, grabbing him by the collar and forcing him to duck his head and run into the room again. His second hand was holding a gun whose cannon was still steaming.

You flied into a rage. He shot Elena down. This bastard shot Elena down ! Your hands clasped on your rifle‘s butt until your phalanxes get white, and you started to spray them with bullets. You weren’t even properly aiming, what mattered at this moment was the number of projectiles fired by your cannon. You didn’t care if you wound their heads, their legs, their arms or chests, as long as you got them. But the armed man who appeared out of the blue was clever, and he and your target were hidden by a parked black limousine now riddled. You jumped on your feet, placing your rifle over your shoulder when two bullets brushed against your sides, opening your tender flesh in two reddening furrows as you turned around to see two others snipers loading their rifles again. They were barely twenty meters away, and you had no difficulties to reach their chests with the knives hidden in your boots.

« Fuck ! We’ve been tricked ! Elena ! »

Planting your grappling iron in the wall, you quickly let the rope which was attached to it fall until it hit the ground, letting yourself slide down. As you ran towards Elena, you could take a glance of the reception hall where the civilians were panicking as several men rushed among them to the main door, gun in hand.
You let yourself fall near Elena, your knees raising small cottony clouds of snow as they hit the powdery ground.

« E-Elena… » you struggled. « H-Hold on, it’s gonna be alright ! I’ll call for reinforcements ! »

Your pressed your hand against your earpiece, the other unconsciously taking Elena’s.

« Big-Boss ! Agent 9-K speaking ! Agent 8-I down ! Need help to evacuate now ! »

The men you saw sprinting earlier were now on the doorstep, all aiming to you, but you were quicker and sprayed them with bullets again, taking two of them down and forcing them to entrench themselves behind the closed doors of the reception hall. Placing your rifle on your shoulder again, you promptly lift Elena up and started to run away with her in your arms.

« S-Stop idiot… Lemme here… Save yourself… » your friend tried to articulate, but each word made her throat shuddered and spat blood.

« Shut up ! »

You took a sharp turn and threw yourself into a back alley, the sound of bullets hitting the cobblestones of the street behind you.

« Big-Boss ! Why aren’t you answering ?! Agent 8-I needs medical assistance now !! Seven… No, nine men are on our heels ! »

« What happened, Agent 9-K ?! » Daichi asked.

« The target has a bunch of over-trained killers protecting his ass !! Next time you send us in mission I hope for your sake you’ll be better informed than that ! »

There was a silent, and then Daichi spoke again, his normal low voice even deeper than usual.

« I’m sorry, Agent 9-K… I can’t risk somebody’s else life for only two agents. »

« Wh-What ?! You’ve gotta be kidding, Big-Boss ! They’re coming ! Somebody should be nearby, right ?! »

« Agent 8-I is unable to fight in her state and you won’t shoot more than one man before they got you. It’s too late for reinforcements. »

« Wait ! At least evacuate Elena ! I’ll shield them with my body if I have to ! Please ! »

« I’m sorry. This conversation is closed. »

There was a beep, then another, then a third… then the silence. The only sounds you could hear now was the blood rushing to your ear, Elena’s painful respiration and snow being squashed by heavy boots coming.
You held Elena tighter against your chest, your heart pulsing against your rib cage as cold sweat glided down your spine, the warm tears that had started to border your iris immediately cooling and rolling down your cheeks like frozen beads.

You couldn’t run, you couldn’t hide, you couldn’t fight. There was no way out.

However, when you heard the first gunshot and automatically turned around to protect Elena’s body with yours, you felt no pain. A thud filled the space as a shadow suddenly enveloped you, one arm stretched above your head aiming at the group of men standing in your back. The only thing you saw when you opened your eyes were two black boots tightly tied.

« Nine dudes against two girls ? Really ? » a sweet and yet manly voice said. « You guys have no honour… »

The eight other men didn’t even had enough time to process his words that they were shot down too, the blood escaping from their bodies blossoming on the snow like frozen camellias. The stress paralyzing your brain slowly faded, allowing you to stutter a single word as you recognized The Extractor :

« T-Tetsurô… »


Walking side by side, their shoes soaked from the rainwater stagnating on the sidewalk, Tanaka and Nishinoya couldn’t wait to get rid of their damp coats. Their umbrella tragically died two hours ago, bravely trying to defend them against the cruel wind, but its fragile metallic thin bones couldn’t make it and finally broke, giving them up to the cold rain.

« God, » Tanaka grimaced. « Next time I park the car right under his balcony… »

« Agreed. » Noya said. « Hey, Ryû… »

« Yes ? »

« This boy, Hinata… He was scared shitless, don’t you think ? »

« Oh yeah ? I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that one of the men who’re supposed to protect his ass tried to strangle him during their first interview… »

« H-Hey ! I just yelled a little at him… I think it’s something else. »

« Really ? Like what ? »

« Well… We’re a pretty big and powerful organisation, aren’t we ? The Crows definitely aren’t amateurs, so… Why directly asking us ? Hinata told us that it was his coach, Ukai, who called our boss and paid for his protection, but why didn’t he hire an official bodyguard ? Why calling a secrete and not-so-clean organisation ? »

Tanaka frowned at this and took his chin between two fingers, processing his friend’s words again and again.

« Maybe… Maybe Hinata has been in troubles already ? Maybe a common bodyguard wouldn’t be enough ? »

« It makes sense. And that would explain why he was white as a sheet. He’s scared because somebody already made an attempt on his life. »

They stopped talking when they recognized the large and dark building in front of them, with its large and symmetrical architecture. The Crows were at The Nest again. The barely made few metres inside the property that Nishinoya suddenly took a sharp turn on his left and rushed to a taller man, jumping on his back and pulling his bun.

« Hey Bashful ! Grumpy and me have a word to say to you ! » he spitefully grinned, locking his legs around the other man’s torso.

« Ow ! S-Stop it, Nishinoya ! » the poor Asahi whined, his arms full of papers and unable to drop them to save his hair.

« Noya !! You’re so fucking childish ! Let him go ! » Tanaka scolded, catching the shrimp under his armpits and lifting him up until his own arms were too short to reach Asahi anymore.

Weirdly, anytime he did that, Tanaka thought of himself as Rafiki introducing Simba to the savannah for the first time and « The Circle of Life » automatically started to play in his head.

« Thank you, Tanaka. » Asahi smiled, his hair now completely messed up.

Wearing a plaid shirt whose sleeves were rolled up until his elbows, uncovering his strong and tanned forearms, the tall Crow was as impressive as gentle. His shoulders were broad, his torso strong and his legs powerful. His jaw was still manly and bearded, his hair just long enough to be pulled in a bun with few loose strands tickling his neck and forehead.
Even if he wasn’t on the battlefield, he was among the most fit agents, but his personality and stress issues made him more efficient behind a desk.

« Don’t worry, » Tanaka teased, still holding Nishinoya under his arms despite his protests. « I’ll put him in bed early tonight so he won’t be cranky tomorrow. »

Asahi giggled at that, but their casual exchange was brutally interrupted by a wrathful voice shooting from the office behind them.


It was pretty the only sentence that could be heard, echoing through the hall again and again.

« I DIDN’T MISS ! I DIDN’T MISS ! Somebody intervened to save the target ! Somebody knew I would be here to shoot ! We’ve been betrayed or discovered ! »

« Hey, I know that voice… » Tanaka mumbled, putting Nishinoya back on his feet.

« Isn’t it… Kageyama ? »

« It is. » Asahi confirmed softly. « He’s been inside the Boss’s office for fifteen minutes… »

« He’s convoked ? » the smaller man said with an amazed tone. « Why ? »

Asahi nervously glanced at the door, checking that it wasn’t opening on a furious Kageyama that would certainly not appreciated seeing the gentle giant gossiping about him.

« I heard that he missed his last target…The price that we were supposed to get from this execution was colossal… The Boss’s isn’t exactly pleased with that. »

« He missed ?! » Nishinoya yelled at the top of his lungs, making Asahi quiver.

« No way !!! » Tanaka added. « Kageyama never missed a single target ! That’s why he’s our Hitman-A ! »

« Guess this title comes down to Ennoshita now… » Nishinoya thought.

« Well… Looks like it finally happened… He missed but, you know his temper, he still denies it. »

Bursting out of the room, Kageyama nervously walked away, jostling them in the same time and heading towards the main entrance. His face was getting even scarier when he was truly infuriated, and the black clothes he was wearing made him look gloomier.

« Kageyama ! » another man said, standing on the doorsteps of his office. « I forbid you to try to kill him again ! You missed, no matter what you say ! You MISSED ! We’re not paid for this job anymore and I certainly won’t let you kill somebody for free ! If you try anything there will be consequences ! I hope you heard that ! »

The raven-haired hitman slammed the glassed door behind him so violently that he fissured it. Sighing heavily, The Crows’ Boss ran a hand through his hair and slightly massage his closed eyelids, trying to restrain the incoming headache. As rigid as statues, Asahi, Tanaka and Nishinoya didn’t dare to look away from their Boss, who finally acknowledged their presences and gave them a faint smile.

« Oh, Tanaka, Nishinoya. About time ! You encountered your new customer, right ? Come in my office please, I want to hear how it went. »

Scavengers - Chapter 5 - Illustration by Isram
Scavengers - Chapter 5
Summary : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.


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