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    Your boots hammering the cold floor of the airport, you stopped in front of the impressive panel announcing the next arrivals and departures. Your suitcase at your feet were full of warm clothes, weapons being impossible to bring with you with all the security you’ll have to face due to the anti-terrorism campaign. Your hand nervously played with the scarf around your neck, betraying your anxiety. Hopefully, two arms soon pulled you against a warm body, a low voice murmuring to your ear.

« Relax, everything’s gonna fine, » Nishinoya said lovingly.

« I hope so, » you said, turning around to face him.

Smiling, his hands tenderly caressed your cheeks, trying to give you some of his assurance.

« This is the first time I’m coming back to Russia… » you said. « And defeating the main gang isn’t going to be easy either, even if we can rely on the element of surprise… »

« God I wish I could come ! » Nishinoya shrieked. « Why does Daichi-san need me so much here ? »

« Because The Scavengers need a maximal protection against The White Swans… We both have our own battles to give, » you smiled, putting your arms around his neck.

« Can’t wait until all of this is over, » he admitted, giving you a quick kiss. « How long are you staying in Moscow ? »

« Sugawara-san told us that it would take us about two months. The main gang isn’t going to be a piece of cake. »

« You better be back in time, because I remind you that we’re moving into our new apartment in three months and there’s no way I’m packaging all your clothes alone. »

« Come on, you’re more of a fashion victim than I am, » you grinned.

He stuck his tongue out at this, but the worry he felt was too strong, and he couldn’t keep joking.

« Be careful, okay ? »

« Yes mom. »

« I’m serious ! You told it yourself… It’s not going to be a piece of cake. Be careful. Extra careful. I don’t want to see a single bruise on your perfect skin when you come back. »

« Same here, The White Swans aren’t going to be a child’s play either. Extra carefulness for you too. »

« I promise. »

The recorded feminine voice finally resonated through all the hall, praying the people flying to Moscow to present themselves for the boarding at door number five.

« Gotta go, » you told Yuu, heavy-hearted.

« You’re not gonna cry, are you ? Because if you do, I do ! Look ! » he sniffled, even if your own eyes were still dry.

You threw yourself into his arms, hugging him tighter than usual, inhaling his scent as if you were scared to forget it as soon as you would let go, as if you wanted to be able to have it on your skin for the next weeks. His own arms tightened around your waist as he slowly rocked you, and you heard his sniffing getting louder.

« Okay, I’m starting to seriously consider the idea of folding myself into your suitcase now ! »

« Time for me to go then, » you smiled.

He cupped your face with his hands, giving you one languid kiss until the recorded voice called for your flight’s passengers again.

« I’m going to ask Ryu and Elena to perform the Single Ladies’ choreography so I could propose to you when you come back. »

« Please don’t. » You shivered, picturing Elena and Tanaka in those black swimsuits and high heels.

He pecked your lips few more times until you had to slip out of his embrace, clumsily grabbing your suitcase, making your way through the crowd and occasionally glancing back at him.

The last thing you heard before leaving the Japanese ground was an awful reprise of Whitney Houston’s masterpiece « I will always love you ».

Scavengers-textless by Isram


And finally, this is the end of this story.... I feel a bit sad to be honest, I really enjoyed writting it and getting excited comments every saturday.
Thanks to every single reader here who took the time to appreciate my work and left me comment or kudos, you guys have been amazing and I hope you had a good time with this crazy little alternative universe.
Maybe see you soon in another story =) Kisses !
Scavengers - Chapter 20 - EPILOGUE

SUMMARY : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.

   One whole week had passed after the accident involving The Crows and Nano. One whole week where Nishinoya didn’t give some sign of life. You didn’t even try to reach him, knowing that he needed to be left alone until he was done dwelling on everything that happened.

« So this is where I am now, huh ? » he mumbled to himself.

Lying on his back on his couch, Nishinoya’s mind was clouded with all the unwelcome revelations. The fact that you lied all this time, that you were from not only another organisation, but a rival… To be honest, he could have handled all of this. He did the same to you after all, he lied too. But what was eating at him was the fact that you didn’t wave the flag of truce when you saw him on the battlefield. He wasn’t even that mad, but he felt betrayed, and moreover, he felt unloved.
Because if the roles had been switched, he would never have done that. He wouldn’t have even consider the thought of lying a finger on a weapon aiming at you. Knowing that you were able to shoot when he was around your target, when the reason of his presence was precisely to be killed by your shot instead of somebody else, was driving him crazy. The fact that you had been able to keep silence about it wasn’t helping either. It felt like if he finally didn’t know so much about the woman he wanted to spent his life with, and all this mess was digging a big and acid hole in his heart, as burning as a bullet.

Three little knocks dragged him out of his lethargy, and he didn’t even bother to answer. Tanaka would come in anyway, invited or not.

« Noya-san, » the baldy said, closing the door behind him, « are you alright ? »

« Hm ? Yeah. »

His waist all bandaged, the reliable Ryûnosuke folded his arms over his chest, pulling an annoyed and quite scary face. The sight of his always joyful and hyperactive friend lying on his couch, immobile and staring into space, was started to worry him greatly. But he had no idea on what to do to help him. He did saw Nishinoya going through bad days before, but it had never been something that serious.  

« Noya-san, can I tell you something ? »

Not expecting an answer, Tanaka pushed Yuu’s legs away and took their place on the couch, a frown wrinkling his forehead.

« I won’t pretend that I know how you feel, but there’s something I want to say. You told me once that sometimes the best defence is attack. That sometimes you don’t have a choice… If you really meant this for me, then it should be the same for her. »

Eyebrows lowering on his gloomy gaze, Nishinoya’s pupils slid over Tanaka’s face.

« Why are you standing up for her ? You don’t even know her. »

« I do know her ! You told me about her dozen of times ! And I’ve seen her a little last week… Trust me, Noya-san, she doesn’t look like an evil-minded liar. Good people do bad things, right ? »

Nishinoya groaned and flipped onto his stomach, burying his face in a cushion. Tanaka’s point was valid, and yet he didn’t want to hear it. Somehow, he wanted to keep being angry at you, because he didn’t want to be fooled or blinded by love. His job made him careful, just like you.

« And if I can add, » Tanaka kept going, « you can’t judge until you heard her own version of the facts. You didn’t let her a chance to explain herself yet, did you ? »

Yuu sank lower in his couch. Tanaka’s point was valid. Really valid.

« And I’ll finish with this little reminder… Tsukishima said that she’s a top ten ranked shooter, and yet she only wounded Hinata’s leg. I don’t think somebody with such a high grade and an absolute order to kill would miss. I mean, unless she missed on purpose of course… »

Nishinoya could almost see Tanaka’s grin before his closed eyes, and the slight bounce of his couch indicated him that his friend just stoop up, ready to take his leave after happily planting seeds of doubt in his mind.

« Damn you, Ryû ! » he shouted in his cushion, hearing the door being closed.


   Being put under house arrest was something you never experimented before, and the least that could be said was that you weren’t fond of it. Currently sitting on Elena’s couch between her and Tetsurô, the three of you watching TV with wide eyes, a blanket on your shoulders and a cup of tea between your hands. Honestly, you just looked like a bunch of seniors in a retirement home.

« I didn’t know afternoon’s soap were THAT bad, » Elena commented.

« Hm. » Kuroo and you hummed in concert.

« By the way, why are the two of you squatting here again ? Didn’t Big Boss ordered you to stay at home too ? »

« Well, we are staying at home. Just yours. » Tetsurô answered absently, his focus completely devoted to the TV.

Jaded, Elena’s blue eyes moved to the screen again.

« Hey Tetsu, do you think the secretary really is the murderer ? She looks like she sincerely loved him… » She asked, finally completely absorbed too.

« I think so… I’m pretty sure this nasty lawyer is behind this… »

« You two look like a couple of kids watching the new season of Pokemon… » You grinned.

« The new season is airing already ?! » Tetsurô and Elena screamed in unison.

« Dear Lord… »

You tried to act done and all, but a faint smile was tugging the corner of your mouth. Even if these two gave you headaches, you were glad to have them. Elena reminded you of Kuroo in many ways, and even if they might be silly and childish, they also were surprisingly responsible and mature during hard times.

When the confrontation between The Nano and The Crows broke out last week, both Daichi and Suga put you under house arrest, only taking Tsukishima and Oikawa with them, along with Ushijima. They told you that it would require several days to get rid of all the infiltrated agents among them, and that until the « Swan Hunt » mission was done, everybody should stay away. It felt weird, really, this sensation that your bosses were trying to protect you.
Tanaka and Noya left before you, Elena and Kuroo did, without sparing you a glance. Left alone with them, you told everything you learned… including the bitter truth about your parents. The Nano’s recruiters weren’t the saviours you thought they were, they were cold-blooded murderers. And to think that the hands that take yours to lead in the orphanage when you were still in bereaved were secretly stained with your family’s blood… To think that you served them blindly and loyally all this time… All those thoughts were making you sick.

But there was hope.

If Daichi and Suga kept acting like a duo as they were now, if they kept working together… Then having your revenge wasn’t impossible. The Nano alone were no match for the main gang in Moscow, but if The Crows lent them a hand, everything could be different. There was hope for all those Russian children who still had their families.

« Ohoho !! » Kuroo suddenly exclaimed. « Look ! I think the lawyer is trapped ! She’s gonna confess ! »

You stiffened on Elena’s couch, slightly bending toward the TV with wide eyes and gaping mouths when all of your phones rang.

« Fuck this shit ! » All the three of you shouted, the ringtones completely covering the actors’ voices.

The same pouting frown was haunting your features as your screens lightened, the same characters printed on it.

« Heh ? A SMS from Big Boss ? That’s pretty rare, » Elena commented, scrolling through the text.

Your own eyes were sailing through your boss’s words, widening a little at the content.

« An appointment at our headquarter ? »

« Looks like business is starting again, » Kuroo grinned.


   The impressive crowd you mingled with as soon as you approached your headquarters was kinda disturbing. You weren’t used to see so many people around a secrete gang’s lair, and it spontaneously put you on the alert. You heard the poor Elena’s being tossed around, the crowd dragging her away until Kuroo grabbed her by her collar and kept her near him, her feet ghosting over the bitumen. You were about to snort at this when Tetsurô’s second hand yanked you backward to hold you against him too.

« You’re too small for this world, » your asshole of a brother smirked.

« Fuck you. » Elena and you answered.

« I love you too, sisters of mine. Let’s be careful around here, okay ? Look at everybody… »

Obedient, you mentally scanned few random faces around you and understand what Kuroo was meaning. There were familiar visages and unknown ones, and everybody was on the defensive, glancing and glaring at each other.

« The Crows ! » Elena almost yelled, but Kuroo’s hand muffled her voice.

« Exactly. All those people are both from The Nano and The Crows. Their Boss, that man with the mole… I think he convoked them just like Big Boss did with us. »

« He convoked his troops ? » You said, astonished. « He convoked his troops at their enemy’s headquarter ? »

« Nothing surprises me anymore, you know… » Kuroo sighed. « Let’s go. Stay near me. »

   Entering the familiar building, your eyes widened when you saw how crowded the hall was. You had no idea The Crows were so numerous, they could totally overpower The Nano if they wanted to. To think that you were the ones who initiated an attack against them suddenly sounded ridiculous. If you hadn’t take them by surprise, you surely would have known a crushing defeat.

« Hey, look, » Elena murmured, elbowing you.

You followed her pointing finger, only to see Nishinoya and Tanaka entering the building, unsure and nervous. They were on enemy territory after all.

« So that’s Mister Boyfriend, huh ? » Kuroo said in a disdainful voice. « I imagined somebody taller… »

« No, please, no joke on his height, » you grinded, tensed.

Tanaka was the first who noticed you, and you could have swear that he addressed you a slight nod, as if greeting you. Perturbed, you returned the gesture and felt your heart ached when he murmured something to Nishinoya’s ear.
His golden eyes landed on you, and it seemed that his gaze was holding more embarrassment than wrath this time. He fidgeted a moment, Tanaka next to him, swiftly gesturing and speaking, a frown appearing between his eyebrows when Nishinoya walked away from you and him.

The whole hall suddenly went completely silent when Daichi and Sugawara appeared in the stairs, standing next to each other. The sight of both the bosses of your organisation was as unexpected as intimidating.

« Agents ! » Daichi spoke first. « As you know, The Crows and The Nano have been fighting over the same territory for many years now ! But after what happened last week, we have to react and change our habits and principles ! »

The crowd, completely silent, was in awe at how powerful the energy exuding from him was.

« Both our sides suffered losses due to the events last week, » Sugawara added. « We’ve been blinded and manipulated by a third organisation who knew about our mutual rivalry and used it against us. We might have win the battle, but not the war. It’s only a matter of time until The White Swans plotted their revenge. If we want to face them, we have no other choice than cooperate ! »

This last sentence send a shiver of murmurs through all the crowd. Cooperate ? The Nano and The Crows were ordered to… cooperate ?

« We won’t tolerate any rebellion about this decision ! » Daichi shouted. « You’ll have to accept this : yesterday’s opponent is tomorrow’s ally ! If you can’t work with this, just quit ! From now, there are no more Crows or Nano, we’re one whole team ! Sugawara and me are your rulers of equal value starting now ! »

You glanced around you, meeting several other faces as surprised as yours, but amazingly enough, nobody rebuffed. Everybody here was a grown-up agent knowing that getting in Daichi or Suga’s way wasn’t a good idea, and everybody understood the necessity to cooperate as well. It wasn’t a caprice from your rulers, it was your only option to survive.

« We don’t expect you to act as coworkers immediately, » Kôshi said in a softer voice. « We knew you have different principles and skills and that it will take some time before you can work as one whole organisation, but it’s not impossible. Just keep in mind that from now, The Nano and The Crows don’t exist anymore. From now, we’re The Scavengers ! »

An amazed sound of exhalation shook the crowd. The Scavengers… From now, all of you were Scavengers… Fair enough.

« One last thing ! » Daichi exclaimed. « For the ones here who used to belong to The Nano… A mission in Moscow is planned for the next month. I’ll explain the details to you later but… It’s about time you know the truth about the main gang in Russia. Everybody is free to join, former Nano or not. Consider this as our last mission wearing the now obsolete name of Nano. Dismiss ! »

You saw your coworkers dashed through the crowd, following Daichi who was walking back upstairs. You could see the lack of understanding twisting their faces in a worried grimace and couldn’t help but feel bad for them, already knowing what kind of truth Daichi was about to reveal. They had no idea of what was coming…

« Hey, look who’s coming, » Kuroo groaned, his severe gaze locked somewhere among the people.

His pace fast and self-assured, Nishinoya was making his way to you, the agents before him parting like the Red Sea. Tanaka was following him in his footsteps, staying in the background as if not wanting to step in what was going to happen. Your heart pounding fast, you waited for Nishinoya to initiate the dialogue.

« Why the leg ? » he asked.

« What ? » you blinked, not understanding what he was referring to.

« Hinata. Why did you shoot his leg ? You’re in the top ten of the best killers, aren’t you ? You could have killed him. So why ? Why did you content yourself with only wounding him ? »

His tone was firm, but not hateful.

Slightly troubled by his question, it took you few seconds before giving him a proper answer, your gaze locked on the floor.

« When I saw you down here… Everything went blank. That was the first time I couldn’t keep calm on the battlefield, I didn’t know what to do… First I thought about giving up on this mission, but Big B-… Sawamura-san pressured me… He told me that if I didn’t do something in the ten seconds, he would sent Iwaizumi to do my job. »

« Iwaizumi ? »

« Our number one killer… Iwaizumi don’t go in for subtleties. He wouldn’t have contented himself with only killing Hinata, he would have erased everybody in his way. You included. »

You paused for a moment, slowly raising your eyes to finally meet his.

« Do you have any idea how short ten seconds are to take this kind of decision ? Maybe if I had more time, I would have find a way to spare everybody, but I hadn’t. The only thing I could come up with was that… my order was strictly to keep Hinata from playing his match, so injured knees seemed to be more than enough to fulfil my mission without causing you any troubles for having your client killed. It seemed to be a good compromise at the moment… However… I don’t know how but… You got in the way. »

You clenched your fists, teeth nervously chewing on your lower lip.

« I didn’t even see you moving… I don’t even know how you spotted me. I… I never aimed at you. »

« That’s because Noya-san only moves on pure instinct, » Tanaka thought. « He probably can’t explain why he dived in front of Hinata himself. »

« You spoke as if I didn’t valued your life as much as you do with my own, » you added. « But it’s false. Aiming with you around wasn’t easy, knowing that I shot you down wasn’t easy ! I felt like if I didn’t deserve you anymore… That’s why I was distant, that’s why I tried to leave ! I understand that you can be mad or disappointed but I won’t let you say again that your life doesn’t matter to me because it’s not true ! »

Yuu’s gulped at this as Tanaka’s reminder rang through his mind.

« Sometimes you don’t have the choice… » Damn it.

The silence between you was even heavier now that the crowd surrounding you had gotten noisy with Daichi and Suga’s new directives. Elena and Tanaka were glancing at each other, as if mutually asking if they had any idea how this situation was going to end. But weirdly enough, it wasn’t Nishinoya’s voice or yours that broke the silence, but Tsukishima’s.

« Can you, please, let go of me now ? »

Heads turning around, you could see that your older brother was dragging Tsukishima by his collar, the poor blond man having no other choice than following him.

« Hey, loverboy, » the bed-headed man addressed Nishinoya. « Just in case you’re still doubting her feelings, she was ready to die for you, so you better think twice before hurting her again. »

Nishinoya’s eyes widened when he heard this. It was an aspect of the story he didn’t knew about.
Now that he was thinking about it without having his judgment distorted by his resentment, he was starting to find himself stupid. Why did he doubt you like this ? Why didn’t he think that you had a reason to act like you did ? Now that he knew the real circumstances you had to work under, he wasn’t sure there was still a gap between how you acted and how he would have. To be honest, he was starting to realize that he might have done the same. Good people do bad things, right ?

« I’m not lying, you know, » Tetsurô smiled, seeing Noya confused. « Look, I even have a witness. »

He finally let go of Tsukishima’s collar, the blond man nervously adjusting his new glasses on his thin nose. God, he didn’t wanted to be involved in all this sentimental mess…

« Come on, baby bird, » Kuroo said in a intimidating smile. « She kept me from knocking out all of your teeth, so you owe her. Tell him what happened on the roof. »

« Fine. » Tsukishima sighed, closing his eyes. « I was infiltrated, she thought I was about to shoot Tanaka-san and you, so she literally pinned me down before I could brushed the trigger. »

He didn’t add anything despite Kuroo’s glare, and the dark-haired man had to tell the end of the story himself.

« Tsukishima’s order was to shoot her. He didn’t because I interfered, but if I hadn’t, she would be dead today, and do you want to know why, loverboy ? » he asked, towering over Nishinoya.

« W-Why ? »

« Because her guilt was so astonishingly strong that she was fucking ready to die as a punishment for what she did to you. If that’s not enough to convince you, then you don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as her and I’ll personally make sure you never see her again. »

« Tetsu, stop ! » you scolded. « That’s none of your business ! »

« It is ! » he shouted. « I almost lost one of my sisters because of this guy, so I want to be sure he’s valuable of you ! And lemme say that for now, he’s not. »

He towered over Nishinoya again, his shadow completely swallowing him.

« What do you have to say, loverboy ? Aren’t you going to stand for her ? »

Head ducked, Yuu didn’t answer him, his body stiff and all his muscles tensed. You felt your throat tightened at this, his unusual calm eating at your nerves.
But suddenly, just when Tetsurô was standing up straight, a powerful punch reached his stomach and made him bend over enough that Nishinoya could murmur to his ear.

« You’re going to be the most annoying brother-in-law ever, do you know that ? »

Kuroo smirked, a struggled laugh escaping his lips as Nishinoya went past him.

« Y-Yuu ? » you stuttered, automatically adopting a defensive posture just in case he wanted to punch your stomach too, but all he did was to catch your arms to lower them.

He took a last step forward, his hands cupping your face as his lips crushed against yours, eager. Slightly startled at the beginning, you relaxed as the tip of his tongue tickles your lips, craving to meet yours.
A faint sigh escaped you as you let him deepen and control the kiss, pressing yourself against him, finally sincerely enjoying his warmth and scent you’ve been deprived of for almost a month. Nishinoya’s hands were caressing your back and hips, mapping your familiar form as if he wanted to be sure that he was still knowing you by heart. Your own finger were playing in his dark locks, savouring their smoothness.

« Disgusting. » Tsukishima’s voice grouched.

« So cute… » Elena sniffled.

« Is he fucking grabbing her ass ? » Kuroo asked in a threatening tone.

Nishinoya pulled away, addressing his eventual brother-in-law a toothy grin, and before you could even react, he was carrying you away bridal-style.

« Yuu ?! » you exclaimed. « What are you doing ?! »

« Exactly what it looks like ! Kidnapping you to find a spare room ! »

« Hey !! No lovey-dovey business until the wedding !!! Do you hear me ?!! Hey !! » Tetsurô yelled, restrained by Elena.

Scavengers - THE NANO by Isram

Scavengers - Chapter 19

SUMMARY : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.

    Ushijima Wakatoshi. This name wasn’t unknown to you, but it was one of those names that you only occasionally heard, as if referring to a legend, a mystery. Even if you’ve never really been told the whole story, you heard enough about him to know that Ushijima wasn’t a man to mess with. He more verged on a urban legend than a real person, to be honest, and having now a face assigned to this name was like meeting a god, or a ghost.

Ushijima Wakatoshi… Leader of The White Swans, the most powerful organisation throughout all Japan. It could sound weird that the identity of the strongest gang’s leader was such unknown, but The White Swans were even fiercer than The Crows, and even more secrete than The Nano. They were implacable, and totally invisible. It was impossible to know where they were, and why. Even Daichi and Suga didn’t know about The White Swans’ presence in their own town, or for how long. It was Ushijima’s organisation’s specialty : exterminating their target without even letting them realize what was happening to them before disappearing. Their killing-rate was so high that some people didn’t believe in their existence, arguing that it was impossible to erase so many agents without leaving any evidence like they did.

« Ushijima… » Suga murmured, dumbstruck. « Since how are The White Swans in town ? I… I gave special informations to all my informers especially to spot you if you ever entered Miyagi… »

« Me too, » Daichi frowned. « No matter how many traps you set, The White Swans always slip through the net. »

Of course, since The White Swans’ reputation had been made out of their ability to destroy a whole organisation without even being seen, every other organisation’s leaders were extra-careful, too scared to be their next target without even knowing it. Discreetly, Elena elbowed you.

« Who are The White Swans exactly ? » she asked as if she was simply asking you a cookies’ recipe.

« Are you kidding me ?! You know… This organisation who literally crushed their rivals before vanishing. »

« Oh, them ! I always thought it was a legend… I didn’t know they were real. That’s pretty stressing to have their leader right in front of us… »

His gaze piercing and unbending, Ushijima didn’t say a word. At this point, you weren’t even sure he was blinking or breathing at all. This man’s presence alone was unbearable… And yet, despite his obvious superior strength, he didn’t do anything to free himself, as if he didn’t feel in danger. He wasn’t impressed at all, even on his knees surrounding by his enemies.

« Ushiwaka-chan, » Oikawa started, making everybody experiencing a painful little heart-attack. This man sure had balls to call him like that ! « is the reason why Tsukishima and I ended in such a poor state. He tried to kill us earlier today, first with his gun… later with his car… »

This wasn’t making any sense. The White Swans were reputed to exterminate a whole organisation in one single shot, it wasn’t like them to try to kill specifically two agents. Plus, why would Ushijima take care of them himself when he had the most redoubtable army under his control ?

« Oikawa. » The eagle-tattooed man’s deep voice roared, making everybody’s breath hitched. « Don’t call me like that. »

« Yeah, yeah… Anyway, it seemed that The White Swans surprisingly had their eyes bigger than their stomach this time, » he smiled. « Erasing an organisation is one thing, but two at the same time… Even Ushiwaka-chan couldn’t handle it without making few mistakes. »

The White Swans’ leader glared at him, entrenching himself in his silence.

« Two at the same time ? » Sugawara asked. « So you mean… Both of The Crows and The Nano were being targeted ? »

« Yes. » Tsukishima confirmed. « But Ushijima opted for another tactic this time. He rose The Crows and The Nano up against each other and waited for you to kill each other. You’re both his biggest rivals in Miyagi, so he set up this plan to erase the two organisations without getting his hands dirty. »

« But in his greed, Ushiwaka-chan neglected a thing. If it’s true that The Crows and The Nano are full of double agents from The White Swans, those organisations had double agents too ! Only Tsukishima and I could see the incoherences that led us to discover that a third party was pulling the strings from afar. So when he’s been told that we were actually both in the same place and that we were fatally going to uncover each other and understand all of his plan, he tried to kill us himself. »

« The incoherences ? » Daichi said. « Explain yourselves. »

« Okay but please, everybody sit down, coz it’s gonna be a long story ! » Tooru sang, sitting cross-legged on the dirty floor. « Everything started more than a year ago. »

« A year ago ?! The White Swans have been there for so long without us noticing ?! »

« Because all the informers Sawamura and you hired were infiltrated White Swans. » Tsukishima explained.

« Exactly. So… tell me, Baldie, doesn’t she look familiar ? » Oikawa asked to Tanaka, pointing at Elena.

« Well… now that you mention it… Yeah, she does. »

« Heh ? Really ? I don’t think we ever met each other. » Elena answered.

« You did, » you said, growing gloomier. « You just don’t remember, Elena… He’s the reason why you’ve got this scar on your throat. »

The shock hit them like a truck.

« That’s it… » Tanaka breathed, almost as pale as Noya now. « I remember now you’re… You’re the woman I… I think you were… »

« Dead ? » Elena smiled. « God, I have to say that it’s been a close call ! It’s good to finally put a face on this bullet ! »

A wave of relief suddenly overwhelmed Tanaka’s heart, sweeping away the guilt he’s been nurturing all this time. She was alive, he finally didn’t kill anyone !

« Thank God, » Tanaka smiled back. « I know it’s weird but I’m really glad you survived ! Sorry for your throat… »

« Oh, don’t worry about this. My husband told me I look super badass with it. »

Grinding your teeth, you couldn’t help but still feel the burning sensation of anger irradiating your chest, but this fire was being suffocated by Elena’s natural forgiveness and Tanaka sincere apologies. This baldy didn’t look that bad after all… Maybe was he just like you… Maybe he hadn’t any other option than shoot…

« Well, it’s not a coincidence ! » Oikawa continued. « Ushiwaka-chan carefully rose you up against each other this way : giving a mission to The Crows and giving its contrary to The Nano. Everytime one of you had to protect someone, the opposite gang was paid to kill the same person. Ushiwaka-chan’s plan was to incessantly make you encounter on the battlefield until one of your leader officially declare war, which Sawamura-san just did. »

Daichi scowled at this. He unknowingly perfectly followed the plan Ushijima set up for him, and it made him angry against himself more than against The White Swans’ leader. From the corner of his eye, he was pretty sure he saw Sugawara grinned. He used to be a very impulsive person when he was younger, something Kôshi often teased him about regarding how many shits his temper led him to do. And apparently, he wasn’t all settled down yet. Damn it.

« Ushiwaka-chan multiplied fights like this during the last year until his biggest and final plan : Hinata Shôyô. As usual, he was the same person paying for his death to The Nano and for his protection to The Crows. »

« No, Tokyo paid us for Hinata’s death. » Daichi contradicted.

« They paid us for Hinata’s death too. » Sugawara added.

« And what were Tokyo’s motives ? » Oikawa smiled.

« For the money. » The Crow affirmed.

« For… not being eliminated from the tournament… » Sugawara said, perturbed.

« See ! Incoherences ! Why would Tokyo gave you different motives for the same mission ? Because Ushiwaka-chan adapted his speech regarding to who he was speaking ! The Crows are forced to transfer a certain percentage of their profit to the main gang in Russia, so he gave Sawamura the motive of money to lure him. For Sugawara, he tabled on the honour. »

« Tokyo never contacted any of you. » Tsukishima linked. « Plus, when Hinata’s death was first ordered to The Crows, it was supposed to be done immediately, whereas The Nano were asked to wait until the bets were closed. So it’s never been a matter of money. »

« And only agents who were immerged in both our organisations could have known that ! » Elena suddenly understood.

« So… once you get that we’ve been given faked motives, it was a piece of cake to get that we were being manipulated. » You said.

« Yep ! And that’s not all. »

« Ushijima purposely saved Hinata, right ?! » Nishinoya shouted. « Kageyama was supposed to shoot him down but somebody saved him ! He was saying the truth, he didn’t miss… »

« And the tattoo confirmed it ! Nice, Noya-san ! » Tanaka shouted even louder, high-fiving his bro. « Hinata told us that his saviour had a tattoo in his neck ! »

« He needed Hinata to stay alive so he could also involve The Nano later. It would have been simpler to just let Kageyama do his job and ask protection from The Nano, just like he always did, but Ushijima needed to put pressure on Kageyama… Because he’s one of the few people you know that could do some serious damages, don’t you ? You needed him to lose control. » Tsukishima asked to The White Swans’ leader.

Only an annoyed « tch » escaped Ushijima’s lips, but this attitude was only confirming Tsukishima’s hypothesis.

« And after that, Ushiwaka-chan just switched the missions. The Crows were in charge of killing Hinata ? Well not anymore, because he sent one of his agent recommending them to Ukai. And The Nano had to kill him. Regarding the absolutely outrageous amount of money promised to both sides, this mission was supposed to be the last before the war… But hopefully, a certain someone didn’t fulfil her job. » Oikawa winked at you.

All eyes were suddenly turned onto you, making you instinctively take a step backward.

« It’s a good thing you miss, honey ! » Oikawa sang, happily walking to you to lazily put an arm over your shoulders. « If you had killed him Tsukishima and I wouldn’t have had enough time to cogitate ! »

Frowning, you rose your eyes on Tsukishima, ignoring Oikawa’s closeness.

« That’s why you didn’t shot me, right ? » you asked him. « You said that I would be useful… That’s what you were referring to, right ? When you saw that I knew Hinata’s bodyguards, you understood that somebody was messing with The Nano and The Crows. »

The blond nodded.

« In fact, even your own encounter with Nishinoya had been planned by Ushijima. » He explained calmly.

« What ?! » both of you exclaimed.

« Remember. I don’t know what purposes you two gave each other, but both of you were waiting for a target or a client, weren’t you ? Knowing that one of you is a top ten ranked killer and that the other is a professional bodyguard, it’s not hard to guess what were your orders. As usual, the person you were supposed to kill or protect was the same, somebody sent by Ushijima. The plan was that you would kill each other when spotting an agent from another clan, but as you know… It didn’t happen. Your man never showed up, am I wrong ? »

Nishinoya and you slowly shook your heads, silent.

« That’s because Ushiwaka-chan didn’t expect you to sympathize before his agent’s arrival. When his pawn arrived near the bar and saw both of you talking together, he hesitated and called Ushiwaka-chan to know what to do. He wasn’t expecting any interaction between the both of you, and finally, the man was given the order to quit. After this, Ushiwaka-chan contacted both of your bosses again to cancel the missions with a fake reason. Right, Ushiwaka-chan ? »

« Stop calling me that. » The aforementioned leader said, his voice emotionless and his face as imperturbable as usual.

« Why ? » you breathed out. « Why did you give him the order to quit ? »

Locking his eyes to yours, Ushijima’s answer was implacable.

« Because I knew that one of you would blow their cover sooner or later. »

« You two were the final touch of drama over the slaughter he was waiting for. » Oikawa added with a hateful twisted smile.

You sometimes heard from Iwaizumi that he had a sick personality, but Ushijima beat him hollow.
The silence between the all of you was heavy and stressful. The atmosphere was dark, the corridor slightly smelling the gunpowder from the fights earlier. Surprisingly, the one who spoke at this moment wasn’t Oikawa.

« And what now ? » Ushijima said with defiance. « Do you think that because you hold me captive The White Swans will fall ? Don’t you think my men are on their way already ? That’s very naive of you. »

« Oh but you seem to forget a thing, Ushiwaka-chan, » Oikawa sang, kneeling in front of him and taking his chin between his fingers in pure challenge. « All this year you spent to push The Nano and The Crows into killing each other showed us something… You’re a narcissistic and selfish little bitch who likes to watch his puppets move according to his will. I bet that you treat your own troops the same way. You’re too egocentric to not cooperate with us to save your life. »

It was a good thing for Oikawa’s sake that Ushijima’s large hands were firmly tied, because if it wasn’t the case, you weren’t sure your double agent would still have a neck. Your gaze moved on Daichi and Suga, surprised to not see them step in. The both of them had their hands clasped on their guns behind their back.

« So ? » The broad man asked. « What are your claims ? »

« First, » Daichi started in a firmer voice than usual. « You’re going to give us the names of your double agents. »

« We’ll send them back to you safe and sound, you have my word on it. » Suga added.

« How generous from you, Crow. » Ushijima groaned. « To what do I owe such indulgence ? »

« Nothing. I just hate to see blood being uselessly spilled, but I may have a change of heart if you keep using this haughty tone with me. » Sugawara’s eyes flashed as he said so, and, impressively, Ushijima’s head slightly ducked.  

« You’ve lost to us, Swan. » Daichi said. « You tried to take Miyagi, and you lost. Consider that this territory isn’t conquerable anymore and no harm will come to you or your troops. As you saw, we’ve got powerful brains amongst our ranks. They found you once, they’ll find you again, not to mention that we have under our commandment a professional shooter with such high-level skills that even you are scared of him. »

Slowly, the impressive Crows’ leader made his way until he was in front of Ushijima, and Oikawa quickly slipped aside to not stand between them.

« Oikawa is an idiot and rude person, but his skills at analyzing people are top-class. I trust his judgment about you. » He enounced, placing his cold cannon against Ushijima’s forehead.

« Your men may be on their way, but they’re leaderless. Speak, and everyone in The White Swans will be left alone. Keep silence and it would be only a matter of time before we found the traitors among us and executed them. »

Ushijima’s eyes twitched for the first time, and his eyebrows slightly frowned in annoyance. However, Oikawa was indeed right about him. Wakatoshi wasn’t a man who valued his subordinates’ lives that much, and he would willingly denounced them rather than being executed.

His eyes meeting the floor, Ushijima started, with a hoarse voice, the long listing of all his double agents.

Scavengers-crow-full by Isram
Scavengers - Chapter 18


SUMMARY : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.


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