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Chapter 3.

Your headquarters were situated nearby your house, hidden above a printing shop that also belongs to your organisation. Making your entrance in the building, you smiled when the perfume of fresh paper stroked your nose and greeted your coworkers disguised as employees, passing behind the counter and making your way through several shelves until your reached the backdoor.
If the printing shop was rather small and old-fashioned, the space hidden behind was roomy, extended on several floors and fitted with the last high-technologies.
Arriving in front of him, you gave Kenma a beaming smile.

« Hey, Kenma ! Thank you for the ID papers… here, catch ! »

You threw him one of the cupcakes Nishinoya brought for the breakfast, and he lazily raised a hand to catch it.

« Thank you. They’re waiting inside. Be prepared, Big-Boss doesn’t seem in a good mood today… »

« He never is, » you muttered angrily.

You were about to knock at the large wooden doors of your Big-Boss’s office when somebody burst out of the room, almost running straight into you. You immediately recognized the sulky face of Oikawa Tooru and couldn’t help but smile. Apparently, Daichi did tear him off a strip.

« Why did you tell him that I didn’t inform you for this morning’s meeting ?! I told you like…. Nine hours ago ! » he groaned.

« Oh ? Must have forgotten… You’ve been scolded ? »

« I’ve just been through hell ! »

« I’m so sorry to hear that… »

You tried to not giggle and grin from ear to ear, but it was really getting hard.

« You little… I’m never breaking in your house again ! » Oikawa whined as if it was a threat.

« Wow, that sure showed me… » you replied in a mocking voice while passing him and entering the room.

Daichi’s office reflected his own personality. Sober, pared down, nothing superficial, and yet this characteristic was incredibly disturbing, intimidating. A large wooden desk protected by a green blotter, few pens in a pot, a lamp and a comfortable chair. The rest of the office was furnished with spotless bookcases.

You carefully closed the door behind you, quickly looking at the people present. Elena was standing on your left, greeting you with a cute smile, the only other person here being Daichi, whose eyebrows knitted together.
Gifted with a broad stature, Sawamura Daichi didn’t change much since his high school years. He still had those thick eyebrows frowning over dark and deep pupils, and the black suit he was wearing was fitting his complexion. But if he was physically rather unchanged, his aura and presence grew stronger.

« Well, since Agent 9-K finally decided to honour us by her presence, I can start the briefing now, » he said, and Elena gently patted your shoulder to keep you from retorting.

Daichi pressed a button on the remote he had in his hand, and a giant screen lowered behind him and lightened up as several pictures appeared. Few maps, and what looked like crappy photocopies of ID papers were soon displayed. There was also a photo, centred on the screen, a headshot of a young man with spiky hair.

« Let me introduce you your new target. »

Elena pulled a face at this.

« A kid ? » she asked.

« Don’t be fooled by his juvenile appearance. He’s in his early twenties, just like you. »

Elena and you exchanged a look before looking at the screen again. The young man didn’t look familiar or dangerous, he couldn’t be a member of any organisation. Then why the hell was he involved in some mafia’s affairs ?

« Who is he ? » Elena asked.

« Hinata Shôyô. » Daichi replied. « A volleyball rising star. »

« A sportsman ? » you said, stunned. « What do you want us to do with a… volleyball player ? This is absurd, this boy isn’t a threat. »

« The purpose is optional and you know it. Tokyo already paid us a good price for this job. »

« Tokyo ? » Elena parroted.

« What’s the job precisely ? »

The whole story behind this commission sounded ridiculous. You both knew that you weren’t supposed to ask questions, that you should just take the money and do the job, but you were usually paid to eliminate rivals or threats, not… kids. Seeing you so sceptical, Daichi sighed and pressed another button on his remote. Hinata’s headshot faded instantaneously, replaced by press articles dating from few years ago.

« Did you ever hear about The Crows ? » Daichi asked.

« Sure. They’re our main rivals here, in Miyagi. » You said.

« Exactly. Contrary to us, who are recruited and raised in Russia before being sent throughout the world, The Crows were born in Japan, so they always considered that we were encroaching on their territory. Plus, it appeared that we both finance our business the same way apart from our customers’ payments. »

You were surprised that Daichi actually talked about it to you. Aside from your own wages, he never said anything about the financial machineries of your organisation.

« Illegal sports betting. » He finished.

« Hence the link with Hinata Shôyô, right ? » Elena asked.

« Right. Several years ago, another star player was about to be discovered by the general public. He was called the Little Giant, and he played here, in Miyagi. Miyagi’s team was weak before his arrival, so when people heard that the next match for the prefectorial qualifiers will oppose Miyagi against Tokyo, everybody bet that Miyagi would lost. Everybody except one man, who placed a bet on Miyagi’s victory. One against one hundred. Miyagi won, thanks to the Little Giant. »

« Wow, this man should be rich by now ! » Elena gasped.

« He is. This man was nobody else than The Crows’ former leader. »  

« So… The Crows’ leader somehow knew that an unknown star player was going to turn the tables and took his chance to get rich thanks to the money of the bets. » You assumed. « Sounds clever. »

« Exactly. If Hinata Shôyô is implied today, it’s because a lot of people nickname him the « Second Little Giant ». Contrary to the real Little Giant who stayed unknown until his first real match as a professional player, Hinata has been spotted during his third year of high school and is already given media coverage. History repeats itself. »

« So everybody’s betting on Miyagi’s being the winner because they think Hinata will miraculously lead them to the victory like the Little Giant did in the past ? » Elena asked.

« That’s it. Tokyo isn’t really pleased with the idea of being eliminated in the first round again, that’s why they paid us to make sure that Hinata won’t stand on the court during the next match. However, this commission has a special clause. »

« A special clause ? »

« The Crows became rich because they knew a star player was going to play. We’re going to become rich because we know a star player won’t. »

« What do you mean ? »

« You’re going to take care of him, but not before the bets are closed. After everybody placed their money on Miyagi’s victory, meaning the day of the match. Tokyo and me will be the only ones wagering on Tokyo’s victory and therefore we will scoop the pot and share. »

« Oh, I get it ! » Elena shouted. « People are going to gamble on Miyagi because of Hinata but once they’ll learn that he won’t play, they will want to change their bet, so we have to wait until the stakes are closed to kill him, or else, everybody is going to bet on Tokyo instead and the gains are going to be scant… »

« But are we sure the match is going to be hold if a player is shoot down the day before ? Wouldn’t it be cancelled ? » you said, raising an eyebrow.

« It’s up to Tokyo to bribe the jury. The match between them and Miyagi is in two weeks. Agent 8-I… »

« Yes, Sir ?! » your blond friend smiled, standing to attention.

« I’m counting on you. You’re my eighth best infiltrator and informer… I need to know where this boy lives, where he practices, when and how he’s going to reach the gymnasium. Everything that your partner, Agent 9-K, will need to fulfil her mission. »

« Alright ! »

Chapter 3 by Isram
Scavengers - Chapter 3
Summary : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.


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Chapter 2.

    Your mission with Elena went well this night. It only consisted in trailing a laboratory assistant whose boss suspected to hijack few rather poisonous products. Useless to say that the fact that he left the laboratory at 02:00 a.m. was kinda unusual. Not to mention the heavy black case he nervously hid in his trunk. Elena had photographed all of this, of course, and for now you were done with your job.

It was almost 03:00 a.m. when you pushed the door of your apartment, sighing heavily and wondering why you were even involved in this mission in the first place. It wasn’t like your skills were necessary for a « spying-only » task. Elena was more cut out for this than you. You were a fighter, an angel of death… the badass side of your duo ! Sometimes you really suspected your boss to mistake you for Elena’s baby-sitter.

« Yuu ? Are you there ? » you called from the doorstep, slowly taking your shoes off and letting them fall on the floor.

You gave him a spare key some time ago to drop by, and it honestly took all your courage to accept this request. After all, he gave you the spare key of his own apartment quite early, so it was only fair you did the same but… You were always a nervous wreck when it came to Nishinoya. Anytime you pictured him going to your apartment in your absence you couldn’t help but imagine dozen of yakuza magically falling from the ceiling to stab him in the chest. Or bombs. Bombs falling from the ceiling. With knives. Yakuza-bombs.

The other scenario was that he would start to rummage around in your belongings, probably just to prank you or hide one of his boxers somewhere (he already did that. Elena’s face when, while taking a bottle of water out of your bag, a strawberries-patterned boxer came out in the same time and whacked you in the face…), and instead he would find your collection of guns and blades… You hid them well, but Nishinoya really had a gift to always find what you were more than willing to hide, and by sheer luck with that !

Sighing heavily, you entered the living room and turned the light on, coming within an inch of having an heart attack when you saw somebody comfortably installed in your favourite armchair.

« Oikawa ! » you yelled, now furious. « How many times do I have to tell you to NOT break in ?! »

With the brightest smile, Oikawa Tooru lazily stretched and yawned.

« Welcome back, love ! How did your mission go ? »

He gave you one of his smiles so bright that you would think butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and elegantly crossed his legs. For the enjoyment of the fair sex, and much to Iwaizumi displeasure, Oikawa Tooru had become a fine young man. His hair was kept short and soft, framing his teasing brown eyes, and even if his build wasn’t the largest, he sure was tall and thin, and had surprisingly a fair amount of strength.

« You’re not the boss, you’re not the one I have to give my report to. »

« Always so dead serious… I’m just asking to make the conversation. »

« I’m not in a talkative mood, Oikawa. »

« You never are when I’m your only possible interlocutor. »

« Bull’s eye. Now get your ass off of my armchair and go bother somebody else. »

« I can’t. Everybody’s working and Iwa-chan already kicked my ass twice today… »

Iwaizumi Hajime would always have your deepest respect for being paired with the most irritating creature in this universe without even gulping down dozens of antidepressants. Being the team mate of a living blond jukebox wasn’t that bad after all…

« Relax, your boyfriend won’t be home tonight, I’m not going to screw your cover or anything, » Oikawa said.

« And how the hell do you know that ? »

« You underestimate me… Did you forget my rank ? I’m Agent 1-I. Meaning I’m the strongest infiltrator. I know a lot of things. »

« He left a message on my answerphone while you were already here, didn’t he ? »

« You’re not funny you know that ?! » Oikawa yelled, highly disappointed that you understood the trick so quickly.

« Wow, very impressive, Oikawa. Your infiltrator’s skills are at such a high-level, I’m speechless, » you said with a mocking grin. « Now if you’re done playing with my nerves, I would like to throw you out and go to sleep. »

« Yeah yeah, I got it… I don’t want to have my ass kicked a third time today so here, take this, » he pouted, handling you a folder.

« Wait, that means you DID come there with a valuable purpose ? » you said, shocked. Oikawa Tooru rarely had any other purpose than bothering people.

« Kenma’s request. » Oikawa answered. « He told me he apologizes for the lateness, he had some emergencies to deal with before. »

You quickly looked through the papers, finding several fake payslips and also new fake ID papers.

Kenma was a particular member in your organisation. He wasn’t good with weapons, and he was even worse than you with people, which certainly explained why the two of you got along. However, he was a pro with a computer and could create all the fake papers you needed to protect your secrete life.
He was also everybody’s « professional switchboard operator ». Basically, when a relative asked you a professional phone number, you gave them Kenma’s. The pudding-haired boy had a file about every agent and knew what kind of lies everyone told their close relations and just answered to them according to the fake lives you built. How many times did Nishinoya fail to reach your cellphone and decided to try your professional number instead ? Hopefully Kenma was always there to pick up the phone with a « Miyagi Est’s Laboratory, may I help you ? Ah, sorry Nishinoya-san, she’s in the lab, she can’t answer. »

« The poor boy. » Oikawa said, still not decided to leave. « One of us has been accidentally filmed during a report, he had to hijack dozens of websites and stuff to erase the video, until the main source on the channel’s server… »

Kenma sure was a busy man.

« Ah, by the way, Big-Boss wants to see you and Elena tomorrow. New mission apparently… quite a big one according to his face today. »

« Understood. Now please… »

« « Get you ass off of my armchair », I get it… Well, since you seem so stubborn about sleeping alone tonight, I’ll take my leave… See you ! »


    You were sleeping like a log. A drunk log. An earthquake wouldn’t have been able to wake you up. The bed was warm and comfy, and even if you liked to sleep against Nishinoya, you also enjoyed to be able to spread all across the mattress like a starfish. A big, snoring and disgraceful starfish.

The clinking sound coming from your door, however, did success at waking you up. You painfully raised a single eyelid, deciding to wait few seconds before throwing knives at the intruder. If it was Oikawa again, you were going to cut his balls off and stuff them into his orbits so he would finally totally deserve his nickname of « dickhead ».

« Hello there ! Guess who’s bringing breakfast ?! »

The volume had nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to Oikawa’s, but the tone sounded more pleasurable to your ear.

« Good morning, Yuu. » You yawned, waving from your bed as he made his way to your room.

« Oho, is this an invitation ? » he smiled, seeing your half naked body tangled in the sheets.

« Hmm, maybe, who knows ? » you answered with a mischievous smile.

« If it’s up to me you’re not gonna get back to sleep, you know that ? » he said, hopping his way to your bed.

« I’m feeling brave today, I’m taking the risk. »

« And the world will forever remember your bravery… ATTACK HUG ! »

He opened his arms and launched himself forward, falling and leaning on you with his full weight.

« Nishinoya Yuu, you fucking OAF ! » you choked under his body as he chuckled loudly.

His mouth slowly made its way from your shoulder to your neck, gently nipping and sucking at your exposed skin before finally reaching your lips. Your arms locked themselves around his neck, fingers wandering through his messy black hair.

« I missed you, » he murmured between kisses.

« Missed you too, » you gently answered.

You were clumsy as hell with people, but with Nishinoya, all was surprisingly easy and comfortable.

« Did you get my message yesterday ? »

« Yeah, sorry, I worked until late and I didn’t want to wake you up by calling back… »

« Don’t worry. Since you weren’t answering your cellphone, I’ve called your receptionist. He told me that you must have forget it at home again so… I figured I would just leave you a message so you would know to not wait for me for dinner. »

« Hm, you did well. »

You moved your arms from his neck to his waist, pressing him harder against you and grinning against his lips :

« Somebody’s happy to see me, » you chirped.

« Bull’s eye, » he cooed with the same tone. « Fuck the breakfast ? »

« Fuck me instead. »


    Your legs felt like jelly while you made your way to the kitchen, hair proudly sticking up now, almost as messy as your sheets.

« Tea or coffee ?! » you asked loud enough so the cute boyfriend actually displayed on your mattress could hear.

« Caffeinate me at your own risk ! »

« Got it. Hot chocolate for you. »

« Hey ! »

You barely touched the bowls drying near the sink that your cellphone rang, and a quick glance at the screen before answering informed you that you already missed three calls, all from Big-Boss. This morning wasn’t going to end as well as it started.

« Hello ? » you picked up.

« Finally, Agent 9-K ! Where the hell are you ?! Didn’t Agent 1-I tell you I wanted to see you this morning ?! » your boss’s hoarse voice shouted.

« No, » you smiled, way too happy to have the opportunity to incur the wrath of your Big-Boss on Tooru.

« This lazy agent, I swear… Whatever, hurry up and come here immediately ! Agent 8-I is already here. »

He hung up right after this and you had to fight the urge to send your phone fly through the room. You could deal with the most of your co-workers, you could even deal with the annoying Oikawa, but Mister-Almighty-Super-Big-Boss was by far the worst for you, for a rather simple reason.

When Elena got shot down, he refused to send you help.

He said that your current situation was too critical for any help to be effective, that the eventual reinforcements he could send would be killed before they could even reach you.

He sentenced both of you to death.

If you were still alive today, it was only thanks to one man. The Extractor. The only man who was skilled enough to work alone, the one that Big-Boss sent when an agent needed -and could be- rescued. He wasn’t one to abandon somebody, especially not two girls on their own.

He was probably the only person your Big-Asshole-Boss respected enough to not have his head after he disobeyed him.

Yeah, the least that could be said was that you didn’t hold Sawamura Daichi dear to your heart.

Chapter 2 by Isram

The Big Boss appeared ! The Nano slowly grow...
Scavengers - Chapter 2
SUMMARY : Gangrened with gangs, Miyagi isn’t a prefecture as peaceful as it seems and often is the stage of fights between the clans. As an experienced killer, your life next to the carefree Nishinoya isn’t always easy, especially now that your mission puts you up against your shadowy rival known as The Crows.

Chapter ONE :…

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