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Hinata Koutetsu by Isram
Hinata Koutetsu

Hinata Kôtetsu / 日向 虎徹 :

Gender : Female

Date of birth : June 21

Age : 15

Height : 157.1 cm (5′2″)

Weight : 49,9 kg (110 lbs)

Family : Shôyô Hinata (twin brother born 9 minutes before her)
             Shôyô Natsu (little sister)

Likes : Basketball, free food, being with her siblings.

Dislikes : When people make fun of Shôyô’s height. When Shôyô calls her “Tsu-Tsu”.

Occupation : High School Student at Karasuno High (1st year, Class 2).

Team : Basketball feminine team.

Number : 10.

  • Personality :

Kôtetsu is calmer than her twin brother. While Shôyô is a ball of endless stamina boucing everywhere, Kôtetsu is more the brain of the pairing. She’s quiet and often goes unnoticed in a crowd. Even if Shôyô argues that he’s the elder of the family because he’s the first born, Kôtetsu likes to think that her maturity makes her the real elder, or at least that she would make a more valuable one. However, she calls Shôyô “Nii-san” to please him.

Contrary to what it looks like, Kôtetsu has almost the same endurance than Shôyô, but she doesn’t use all her stamina at all. She’s a bit lazy and would rather take a nap, read a book or play video games. She dislikes to run around everywhere without a goal, it’s just a waste of energy, but sometimes she would make an effort and run with her brother. He stills a bit faster then her though.

Kôtetsu is very shy towards strangers and needs a little time to get used to their presence. She would literally take 60 steps back when meeting somebody, just to have a “security distance”. If Shôyô is around, she would hide behind him and use him as a human shield. However, if you bring her food, she would adopts you immediatly.

Shôyô is incredibly jealous of the fact that Kôtetsu’s grades are very good even if she never works and only revise her tests the night before. She’s clever and often helps him with his own homeworks.

Kôtetsu has a lot of outspokenness and doesn’t really have a filter between her brain and her mouth to hold back things that couldn’t be said, even if she doesn’t mean to be rude or anything.

The twins are very protective of each other, but they’re even more OVER-protective when it comes to their little sister Natsu.

Kôtetsu doesn’t speak a lot and Shôyô is so used to it that he can literally translate all she’s thinking just by her facial expressions and mimicry. 

Statistics :

Power : 1/5

Jumping : 4/5

Stamina : 4/5

Game Sense : 4/5

Technique : 3/5

Speed : 3/5

Selfie by Isram
"But first, lemme take a selfie" playing in the distance....
Durarara Self by Isram
Durarara Self
I had a dream where I was designed like a Durarara character and I was like.... super cute. I want to upload this pic on my IRL face.

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